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Armed Guard Security Training

The State of Tennessee requires 16-hours of initial armed guard training. Here at The Security Firm we break that 16-hours down to two 8-hour sessions. The required training for this course is:

  • Orientation 

  • Legal Powers and Limitations of a Security Officer

  • Emergency Procedures

  • General Duties

  • Legal Limitations and liability issues in the use of a Firearm

  • Handling of a Firearm

  • Safety and Maintenance

  • Handgun Range Qualifications shall include a minimum of the following:

    • Fire Range Safety​

    • Loading and Unloading Handgun

    • Drawing and Holstering the Handgun

    • Minimum Course of Fire

      • ​​The firearm is a standard .38, .32, .357, 9mm, 10mm, .40, or .45 caliber revolver or semiautomatic pistol, standard 12 gauge shotgun, or other firearm approved by the Commissioner.

To renew ones armed guard registration card the security officer must complete a 4-hour training session that goes over the topics listed above. 

The State will also requiring four additional trainings if you are a person who works in ANY establishment that sells single serve alcoholic beverages for consumption on property. Some of these venues would include stadiums, arenas, hotels, bars, music venues and so on. These four trainings are

  • First Aid Training

  • CPR Training

  • De-escalation Training

  • Safe Restraint Training 

These four additional trainings can be completed online from this website. Go to Dallas Law training and register for them. You will be able to complete them online and receive a certificate that says you have completed the training. If you want to be certified, (the state does not require you to be certified), then you'll go to the American Red Cross and MOAB tabs and register there for the complete certification course.

Initial Application: $105

Fingerprints: $37.15

Renewal Cost: $60

Late Renewal (up to 3 months): $20 per month

Replacement Cost: $25

How-to videos

Register for a New Account

How to Get your Fingerprints done

Register for Armed Guard Registration Card

Class Registration

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Armed Training Class

(2 day course)

16-hour State Certified Training


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Armed Renewal Class

State Certified Renewal Class


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