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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of security training courses do you offer?
    We offer a wide range of security training courses, including armed security, unarmed security, Dallas' Law, Less Lethal Devices, CPR/First Aid/AED and Active Shooter.
  • How experienced are your trainers and consultants?
    Our trainers and consultants are highly experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in various security disciplines, industry certifications, and a track record of successful projects.
  • Can you customize training programs to meet our specific needs?
    Yes, we can tailor training programs to address your unique needs, ensuring that they align with your industry, organization, and regulatory requirements.
  • What certifications or accreditations does your business hold?
    Our business holds relevant certifications and accreditations, which attest to our commitment to meeting industry standards and best practices. We'd be happy to share details upon request.
  • What are the cost of your courses/services, and how does the pricing work?
    All of our current pricing is listed on our website. If you are looking for a custom class price it will be determined based on factors such as the type of service, scope, duration, and customization. We offer competitive rates and can provide a detailed quote upon discussing your specific needs.
  • Do you offer online or remote training options?
    Yes, we offer online and remote training options to accommodate the evolving needs of our students and clients, especially those with distributed workforces.
  • What industries or sectors do you specialize in?
    We have expertise in serving various industries, including healthcare, and finance, among others.
  • How long does it typically take to complete a training program?
    The duration of our training programs varies depending on the specific course. We can provide estimated time frames during the consultation phase.
  • Can you provide references or case studies from previous clients?
    Yes, we can share references and case studies from satisfied clients who have benefited from our training and consultancy services.
  • What is your approach to staying up-to-date with the latest security threats and best practices?
    We remain current by continuously updating our training content, monitoring emerging threats, participating in industry events, and providing ongoing education for our staff.
  • How do you assess the effectiveness of your training and consultancy services?
    We evaluate effectiveness through feedback, post-training assessments, and follow-up consultations to ensure that the training meets or exceeds our client's expectations.
  • What kind of ongoing support or follow-up services do you offer?
    We offer post-training support, updates on security threats, and refresher courses to ensure that our clients have access to continuous support and knowledge updates.
  • Do you offer any group or bulk discounts for training multiple employees?
    Yes, we provide group discounts and customized pricing for organizations looking to train multiple employees. We can discuss pricing options based on your requirements.
  • How do you handle sensitive or confidential information during consultations?
    We have strict data security and confidentiality protocols in place to safeguard sensitive information and maintain client confidentiality.
  • What is the process for scheduling and booking your services?
    The process involves an initial consultation to understand your needs, a proposal, and agreement on services, scheduling, and then the commencement of the training or consultancy sessions. We aim to make the process as straightforward as possible for our clients.
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