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Consultation Service

Discover a strategic approach to security solutions through our consultation service. Our seasoned consultants are committed to understanding your specific challenges and goals, offering tailored advice to enhance your security strategies. From risk assessments to custom-tailored solutions, our consultation services empower you to navigate the complex landscape of security with confidence.

Threat Assessment

Threat Assesment

Help security experts to evaluate and mitigate potential risks to individuals or organizations, providing comprehensive analyses of threats ranging from cyber vulnerabilities to physical security concerns.

Cost: $/pax

Private Investigator

Private Investigation

Assist clients in uncovering critical information, navigating legal matters, and solving complex cases through meticulous research, surveillance, and expert analysis.

Cost: $/pax

Executive Protection (Bodyguard)

Bodyguard Protection

Ensures the safety and well-being of high-profile individuals and tailored to specific client needs to safeguard executives from potential threats.

Cost: $/pax

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