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Scuba Diving Bodyguard

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About Us

Maximize your dive adventure with a Scuba Diving Bodyguard! 

Get elite underwater security paired with professional diving expertise. Our goal is to deliver unparalleled safety for VIPs beneath the waves.


Introducing Aaron Blessing, our top diver with certifications in Advanced Open Water, Enriched Air, and Rescue Diving. Aaron specializes in deep dives up to 100 feet, ensuring your safety in a variety of marine environments.

More than just a dive service, we are seasoned security specialists. Our team is adept in both rescue diving and advanced underwater navigation, seamlessly integrating top-tier security protocols with elite scuba skills. We select team members for their exceptional ability to manage complex underwater situations and their dedication to client safety.


Scuba Diving Bodyguard is deeply committed to environmental stewardship. Our operations are conscientiously designed to respect and preserve marine life and habitats.


For those in search of a thrilling yet secure diving experience, we provide the ultimate peace of mind. With us, you can explore the ocean's depths safely and confidently.

Eager for an unparalleled diving experience? Contact Scuba Diving Bodyguard today and embark on a secure, awe-inspiring underwater journey.

Diving in Multiple Environments

Diving with Sharks in Fiji

Coral Reef Dive in St. Kitts

and Nevis

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Scuba Diving Bodyguard

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